Natural Selenite Slab/Plate


These natural selenite slabs are perfect for use in your home to clear out unwanted and negative energies. They're also great for rituals, altars and as home decor. The small is approximately 4.5-6" x 3-5". The medium is approximately 6.5-8" x 3-4". The large approximately 8" x 7".

Selenite is one of the most powerful clearing stones in the world. An effective clearing agent of the auric field, Selenite helps to remove all energy blockages in the body by having it nearby, or by holding it and visualizing the crystal erasing away all the negativity, fear, pain, stress, heartache, or worry that needs to be released. Selenite can also be used for clearing and purifying fellow crystals, jewelry, and environments. This Crown Chakra crystal effectively cleanses and releases any negativity that may be found in your space, inviting peace and serenity, and deepening the sense of belonging.

Did you know that what is usually labelled as Selenite is actually a crystal called Satin Spar? These two beautiful crystals are probably the two most mixed up crystals in the entire metaphysical world. They are the same mineral and have the same metaphysical properties, a form of gypsum, but they crystalized differently to form either Selenite or Satin Spar. At Honeybee Crystals, we’ve made sure to earmark any Satin Spar products that are commonly known as Selenite.

Each crystal is naturally formed, so each one varies slightly in appearance. This listing is for one natural selenite slab. You will receive one similar to what is pictured.


  • Stone: Selenite / Satin Spar
  • Primary Benefits: Clearing, Cleansing, Remove Negative Energy
  • Primary Chakra: Crown
  • Secondary Chakra: Third Eye
  • Zodiac: Taurus
  • Planet: Moon
  • Elements: Wind
  • Sacred Number: 8
  • Hardness: 2
  • Origin: Utah