Carnelian Tumbles


These carnelian tumbles are perfect for crystal grids or as pocket-sized talismans. They measure from 3/4" to 1".

Carnelian is a soothing and warm grounding stone. Its high energy helps restore lost vitality and motivation, and stimulates creativity for new pursuits. It gives courage, promotes positive life choices and motivates for success. A stone of ambition, drive, determination and action, Carnelian teaches us to work for our dreams and not just wait for them to manifest.

Each crystal is naturally formed, so each one varies slightly in appearance. This listing is for one tumble.


  • Primary Benefits: Creativity, Physical Vitality, Grounding
  • Primary Chakra: Sacral
  • Secondary Chakra: Root
  • Zodiac: Cancer, Leo, Taurus, Virgo
  • Planet: Mars
  • Elements: Fire
  • Sacred Number: 5,6
  • Hardness: 7
  • Origin: India